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Launching Business Essentials

Introducing Business Essentials, a productivity package for any organization to get started with their portal and address the most common collaboration requirements!
Business Essentials has the following modules and works on both the world’s number 1 collaboration platform: SharePoint Foundation 2010 (Free Edition) or SharePoint Server 2010 Standard / Enterprise Editions.
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Module NameProblems addressedWorks On
Document ManagementKeep your documents on a central location, accessible to everyoneSharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010
Meetings & Action Items ManagementTeams in organizations conduct meetings and have huge challenges in managing the action items that emanate from the meetings. This module exactly addresses this problemSharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010
Travel & Expense Claims ManagementCompanies use paper forms currently for their employees to submit travel requests and expense claims creating workflow, tracking issues. This module is designed to automate these processes and eliminate paper usage completelySharePoint Server 2010
Document TrackerDepartments in a company receive documents from external suppliers / customers and exchange them with other departments. With paper documents floating around, inefficiency is inevitable. This module automates this document movement with Tasks, Workflows and Turn Around Time Reports for performance measurement.SharePoint Server 2010
Project Checklists Tracking and Milestones ManagementThis module helps you to create / track milestones in your projects and also have a milestone completion confirmation using multiple checklistsSharePoint Server 2010

Feature Matrix
Common Features
Document ManagementMeetings & Action ItemsTravel & Expense ClaimsDocument TrackerProject Checklists & Milestones Management
Document Management
User and Role Based Security
Free Text Search
Discussion Forum
Module Specific Features
Meetings & Action Items
Creating a New Meeting along with Meeting Workspace    
Creating a Meeting with Recurrences    
Meeting Organizer receiving an e-mail notification (Outlook)    
Create New Action Items    
Editing Action Items (As an Organizer or Contributor)    
Roles Matrix (Meeting Organizer, Contributor, Attendees)    
Daily Digest Mail for "Assigned To" Users    
Daily Digest Mail for Meeting Organizer – All Action Items, by Meeting (CCing Contributor)    
Viewing all Logged In User’s Action Items    
Viewing all Meetings    
Viewing Recurrences of a Meeting    
Meeting Workspace Home Page (Action Items due today, Action Items Overdue, Recently Opened, Recently Closed)    
Viewing Overall Overdue Action Items (Across Recurrences)    
Editing Status of an Assigned Action Item    
Viewing Version History    
Viewing All Action Items (for that Recurrence)    
Travel & Expense Claims
Submitting a Travel Request – Round Trip    
Submitting a Travel Request – Multi-Sector    
Cancelling a Submitted Travel Request    
Configuring Other Workflow Participants (Travel Desk User, VP, Finance User)    
Configuring Workflow Participants (Travel Desk User, VP, Finance User)    
User Receiving E-mail with Ticket Attachment    
Submitting a Travel Change Request (During Travel)    
Submitting a Top Up Advance (During Travel)    
Submitting an Expense Claim (After Travel)    
Submitting an Expense Claim through Imported Excel File (After Travel)    
Document Tracker
Adding an Invoice    
Editing an Existing Invoice    
Configure Workflow Participants    
Viewing Approval Progress    
Approving and Paying an Invoice    
Approved Invoices Report    
Pending Invoices Report    
Report based on SAP Number    
Report 4: Overall Pending Invoices (Excel Export)    
Project Checklists & Milestones Management
Creating a New Project Site    
Configuring Project Term Linkage    
Configuring Workflow Approvers    
Managing Checklists Weightage    
Adding and Saving a Checklist    
Editing an existing Checklist    
Submitting a Checklist for Approval    
Viewing Checklists Progress (With Colour Codes)    
Viewing Project Action Items    
Viewing all Project links from the home page